This is not a traditional blog but for all of those of you who follow us, this is a new departure. We want to create Pathways back to Practice and this is how we hope to start….IMG_0528

PLAYGROUND 2017 Workshops

 PLAYGROUND is a programme of workshops supported by Fringe Lab, with extra support by The Complex and the New Theatre, that aims at  exploring ideas of interest to MAMs and the possibility of creating a piece or pieces of theatre. The word ‘Labour’ (in all its meanings) will be our springboard as the theme that will link the various workshops during the first part of the process.


PLAYGROUND Fringe Lab includes two different processes:

  1. ­Creative Process consists of a series of workshops facilitated by the expertise of MAMs and is designed to inspire and generate material for the devising process and possible future collaborations, inc. a MAM Cabaret.
  2. Devising Process will be facilitated by Michelle Read (Writer/Performer/Facilitator) and Tara Derrington (Director) to respond to the PLAYGROUND creative process, interrogating the ideas birthed there and exploring structures and mechanisms for developing those ideas into a piece or pieces of performance in the future.


As part of this wonderful opportunity of having access to Fringe Lab in the mornings MAM is also offering an OPEN SPACE:

OPEN SPACE offers MAMs the possibility to drop in at anytime between 12-2pm so that you can spend sometime with yourself, connecting with others, writing, meditating, thinking about your next artistic project… as you wish and you need. Feel free to come along even if it is just for half an hour during your lunch break.

As always with MAM’s activities:

  • Children of all ages are welcome unless specifically stated otherwise
  • You don’t have to attend all sessions, but we would love as many MAMs to participate as possible. None of this would be possible without the tremendous support of Fringe Lab, so come for what you can
  • We are scheduling some afternoon, evening and lunch time sessions to facilitate as many MAMs as possible
  • If you are coming from outside Dublin and need accommodation please put it up on the Facebook group or email us and we’ll try to find you a bed


January Creative Process Schedule

Venue: Fringe Lab. Sycamore Building, Sycamore St. Temple Bar.

Day 1 — Flirtation

Monday 23rd January. Workshop 10-12 / Open Space from 12-2PM

Sarah Fitzgibbon will use process drama techniques to help you take that stimulus/object  book from the bottom drawer to the workshop floor. Please bring something that inspires or intrigues you.

Day 2 — Sex

Tuesday 24th January

Please note this session is from 7-9PM

Marianne Araújo Marcote will unlock the creative potential for voice and body to sensually explore your creative voice. Please bring comfortable clothes.

Day 3 — Incubation 

Wednesday 25th January. Workshop 10-12  / Open Space from 12-2PM

Andrea Scott will use Viewpoints to collectively physically explore the theme of Labour.

Day 4 — Nesting 

Thursday 26th January. Workshop 10-12 / Open Space from 12-2PM

Sarah McKereghan will do some Composition work (the work of Ann Bogart and Tina Landau) to begin to draw together the work of the week.

Day 5 — Birth 

Friday 27th January. Workshop 10-12  / Open Space from 12-2PM

Pom Boyd will facilitate a writing workshop to get those ideas onto the page.

Some of the material will be brought onto the devising week but anything else can be brought together with other work to assist with development of other projects, such as a MAM Cabaret 2018.


Venue: New Theatre rehearsal space. 43 East Essex St. Temple Bar.

 Day 6 — Post birth

Monday 30th January

Please note this session is from 7-9PM

Diane O’Connor will give you the opportunity to put to test all that thinking on your feet built up from the first year! Using long-form improv techniques to create scenes and performances inspired by your own experiences.

February Devising Process Schedule

Venue: Fringe Lab. Sycamore Building, Sycamore St. Temple Bar.

Day 1 – Thursday 2nd  February. Devising 10-12  / Open Space from 12-2PM

Day 2 – Friday 3rd of February. Devising 10-12  / Open Space from 12-2PM

Venue: The Complex, 15 Little Green Street (off Capel Street), Dublin 7

 Day 3 – Wednesday 8th of February. Please note this session is from 5-7PM

Venue: Fringe Lab. Sycamore Building, Sycamore St. Temple Bar.

Day 4 -Thursday 9th of February Devising 10-12  / Open Space from 12-2PM

 Day 5 – Friday 10th of February. Devising 10-12  / Open Space from 12-2PM