How you can #StandByYourMAM :

  • If you are a theatre maker, consider ways in which you can make your practice family friendly. This can include scheduling; budgeting for childcare costs and including them in your  funding applications; the accessibility of your rehearsals, performances, building and touring to parents and children. Talk to MAM. We can advise you of simple ways in which you can improve your engagement with parenting artists.
  • Remember US. MAM is developing a database of parenting theatre practitioners and their availability. Work with us to integrate MAMs into your theatre making. Do not assume mother artists are no longer available or will give less commitment.
  • Support political campaigns that aim to improve childcare provision and the representation of women in the workplace.
  • Value the role of carer. Parenting is a job, even if we don’t yet pay for it.

What we are doing to support MAM…

We are continuing to spread and encourage the development of MAM chapters throughout the country.
MAM @ The Abbey Theatre          photo: Ronan Doyle

We are creating creative space to enhance and support our theatre practice with our children. Our first venture was with the support of The Abbey Theatre. Observe the Mothers

of Ireland Marching Towards the Stage – a workshop performance was held on The Abbey Stage on Wednesday 21st September. Already a number of MAM members have started to collaborate and support each other in other creative ventures and have applied for support and funding. We are always open to more Pathways back to Practice if anyone wants to get in touch.
There was a MAM Networking Event at this year’s Baboro Theatre Festival in Galway. We engaged with other parenting artists who are visiting the festival with their children.


 Our venues subcommittee is looking at drawing up a set of family friendly working guidelines such as PIPA  have done in the UK. We are looking to create:
  • A list of family friendly accommodation and local childcare/playgroup facilities held and distributed by venues in all areas to incoming touring companies.
  • Policy transparency in including childcare fees as an expense in funding apps/ fee negotiations/contracts.

Flexibility in rehearsal hours and spaces that companies/venues have clear policies i.e does it always have to be 10-6 and adult only.

FullSizeRenderOur Research Subcommittee has launched a questionnaire.This is phase one of our research to look at how Maternity affected our members. Our second phase of research is looking a participation of parents in theatre productions and will not be ready until 2017.

We hope to present some of our data at the Waking the Feminist Gathering in November 2016

We are interested in linking with organisations and venues
who are interested in creating ‘ pathways’ back into creative practice after maternity leave; residencies for parenting artists or spaces for work outside the home for an artist. We are happy to talk to venues about being more family friendly practices when engaging parenting artists.