Find fellow MAM

Kate at March WTF
Kate Harris speaking at WTF gathering in Liberty Hall

Find MAM near you by joining our Facebook group or come to a meeting near you. We are also organising workshops as and when the opportunity arises. If there isn’t a group near you, think about organising a meet-up yourself.  That’s how this group got started and we’ve put together some tips on how to do it.

We have a steering group based in Dublin. It has some regional representation and we communicate by email A LOT. We will be looking for more people to help with this to insure that there isn’t burn out among MAM members. Let us know if you are interested.

Currently there are MAM groups organising in Dublin, Bray, Belfast, Galway, Cork and Kilkenny. We’re trying to keep this page up to date with meetings but you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Please join our Facebook group.

If you are interested in starting your own chapter in your local area to make life easier for travel and transport, please get in touch. We can help you secure a venue and/or loop you into our steering group, the wider network and opportunities therein.

Cuppas 2017

Playground January 2017

Dublin MAM’s Cuppas

Tues 7th March (10pm – 12pm) Irish Film Institute (IFI) Cafe- Cuppa

Tues 14th March (7pm – 9pm) FringeLab – Evening Working Meeting

Earliest of  Years Playground Session in The Ark 10-12am 20th March- please register your interest with

Tues 21st March (10am -12pm) DanceHouse (Dance Ireland, Foley Street) – Working meeting

Tues 28th March (10am -12pm) Dublin Castle Cafe – Cuppa

Tues 4th April (10am -12pm) Smock Alley Main Space – Working Meeting

Tues 4th April (12pm -2pm) Smock Alley Main Space – Lunchtime Cuppa

Fri 7th April (7pm – 9pm) – Ireland Institute, Pearse St – Evening Cuppa

These are informal meetings, sometimes in cafe venues. There is no agenda and they generate no paperwork. They provide an opportunity to meet others in your situation, discuss the issues that interest or trouble you and enjoy some warm, supportive conversation. Many MAMs have found that attending these meetings has improved their confidence levels and generated new work contacts. These meetings are the perfect way to introduce yourself to MAM.

These are chaired, minuted, planning meetings which focus on administration of the group, future work and campaign strategy. Most importantly they continue to define what and who MAM is and how it works. This is an ongoing dialogue in which we invite all MAMs to participate. Come along and get involved.


Belfast MAM

13th March 10-12pm in the Oh! Yeah! Centre

Bray MAM

7th March at the Mermaid Arts Centre

Galway MAM

Town Hall Galway are hosting Galway MAM on the7th March, 4th April, 9th May and 6th June from 10-12am and hopefully we will Skype into Dublin MAM on the 7th.

They hope to host a Playground process over Easter to develop a piece of work for Mothers and Children- Watch this space!

Kilkenny MAM

Hope to host one soon. Anyone with a venue who is interested in MAM availing of it please drop us a line.

Cork MAM

We are currently looking for a venue to offer to host a MAM meeting. Please drop us a line if you wish to make your venue more parenting artist friendly.

Group Ethicsimg_2785

  • We acknowledge the value that becoming a mother has in terms of our chosen discipline and to celebrate the richness and positive effects having a child has on our skill set.
  • We agree to be respectful of all our members parenting choices and family structures and we honour that it is our  diversity as individuals, practitioners, and mothers that is part of our strength
  • We value all of our work artistically and financially.
  • We acknowledge the complexity/variety/individuality of the impacts of motherhood in relation to the arts, and maintain an awareness of this complexity in all public forums.
  • We support the emergence through social media of informal networks or chapters for MAM  to combat isolation, form working relationships and collaborations, and create a platform for uncensored expression.
  • We agree to enhance the visibility of MAM by talking to others of its existence and the work of our members, individually and collectively.
  • We recognise that although we are specifically a mothers’ group,  we share common cause with male parenting artists and MAM will work in partnership with them.