We’re gathering knowledge about what is really happening with mothers in the theatre workplace and using this page to gather evidence, knowledge and best practice.


Our Research Subcommittee has launched a questionnaire.This is phase one of our research to look at how maternity affected a sample of 100 of our members. We hope to present some of our data at the Waking the Feminist Gathering in November 2016

Our second phase of research is being formulated and will be ready in late 2017.

We are gathering testimonies and experiences and blogs.

Our venues sub-committee is looking into supports for parenting artist in the theatre workplace.

In the UK, there is already a group working on conditions for parents more generally. Parents in Performing Arts has some interesting examples of best practice and resources.

We are not alone.

Other links to give you some ideas:

Mothers who Make UK

ProCreate Project UK

An agency aiming to provide practical help and financial support to enable artists to continue producing work during pregnancy and motherhood.

Cultural ReProducers

Cultural ReProducers are an evolving group of active cultural workers who are also parents. This site is for anyone interested in making the art world a more inclusive and interesting place by supporting arts professionals raising kids.

Supporting Parenting Film Makers UK