Our group started by a simple cup of coffee and an opportunity to connect with other Mothers Artists Makers. Becoming a parent is a wonderful but seismic shift in any persons life, but the isolation of the primary carer from other creatives was the common ground we all stood on. We come together in an a non-judgemental atmosphere of mutual respect and trust where parenting choices and personal situations are only discussed in the context of how they effect our creativity and only within the confines of our meetings. Our children are always included and facilitated as they are part of who we are. We are here to support, never to judge.

We are now 350 members nationally and internationally and growing.

We were inspired by the Waking The Feminists movement and the stand made by Tara Derrington at the November 2015 meeting. Tara D2 WTF


In early 2016 individuals came together in solidarity with the specific issues of isolation, marginalisation, and disproportionate economic impact experienced by women in the creative industries as a result of becoming mothers and the continued demands of being a primary carer. In a society where the work of caring for children is neither  valued nor adequately supported, we as artists and theatre makers are committed to asserting our immense value to the creative industry, both in the work place and to society as a whole.  

MAM @ The Abbey Theatre        photo: Ronan Doyle

Our experiences are an essential part of the social fabric of our society and it is imperative that this experience is reflected in the arts through the passionate, ambitious, and innovative work of our members and Mothers Artists Makers everywhere.

See Our Group Ethics

For PR enquiries:

Clodagh Downing
086 3789068
Cerstin Mudiwa
087 6596406

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi I met a member of your group at the Cruinniu na Casca event Dublin castle. I’m a member of Basic Income Ireland and wonder would your group like to receive our newsletter if I can organise that?


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