Let’s be clear….

From a coffee to a button, a journey of activation.

Waking The Feminists event was on 14th Nov. In the lead up to it, we thought we should put here what we are and how you can help.

MAM aims to:

  • Highlight the causes and effects of the disappearance of theatre practitioners who are mothers.
  • Establish structured, dignified pathways back to work for theatre practitioners who have taken time out from their career to parent.
  • Collaborate with theatre organisations, venues and companies to develop family friendly work policy and practice.

What MAM does:

  • We provide support and networking opportunities for MAMs through regular meetings and online conversation.
  • We foster creative opportunities for MAMs through workshops and liaisons with theatre makers in Ireland.
  • We advocate for political and social change that will improve working opportunities for MAMs.

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How you can #StandByYourMAM :

  • If you are a theatre maker, consider ways in which you can make your practice family friendly. This can include scheduling; budgeting for childcare costs and including them in your ¬†funding applications; the accessibility of your rehearsals, performances, building and touring to parents and children. Talk to MAM. We can advise you of simple ways in which you can improve your engagement with parenting artists.
  • Remember US. MAM is developing a database of parenting theatre practitioners and their availability. Work with us to integrate MAMs into your theatre making. Do not assume mother artists are no longer available or will give less commitment.
  • Support political campaigns that aim to improve childcare provision and the representation of women in the workplace.
  • Value the role of carer. Parenting is a job, even if we don’t yet pay for it.

 Here is a response to the WTF event from one of our MAMs: